Engage through change

When change happens, support your people to embrace new opportunities.

Organisational change brings many challenges and opportunities. In a rapidly changing world, companies need to act quickly to respond to that change. Yet, amidst the process and the planning, the most important activity in managing change is to treat your people with respect and dignity.

This approach is one we’ve long held at Hudson, modelling our philosophy to managing the people side of change on the Japanese concept of 'mottainai'.

'Mottainai' is rarely heard in connection with change, it’s popular meaning centering on environmental protection. It uses the four Rs: recycle, recover, reduce and respect to model how to treat the world with the reverence it deserves.

There’s a deep connection between treating the world with a sense of value and equipping your people for change. We embrace the ideals of preserving value, knowledge and brand reputation, helping our clients transition through times of change while retaining these powerful assets.