Hudson Career Transition Skills Course

Do your people managers have the skills to lead effective separation conversations?

Career Transition skills training allows you to prepare for upcoming redundancies within your organisation. It is very common for stakeholders and in particular, line managers and people leaders outside of HR to not have any knowledge of how to handle large workforce transitions.

This online course is focused on providing practical skill-sets for conducting effective separation discussions with individuals impacted by change, and also refocusing your team for the future following workforce transition.

From setting up the room, broaching sensitive topics and motivating the remaining workforce, it’s no longer just up to HR.

We know that a poor separation experience can lead to the brand damage, resentment among exiting employees, damaging current and future networks while also marring productivity. Yet too often, employers don’t equip their managers with the right skills to counteract these factors.

Our Career Transition Skills course will equip your managers to support both exiting and remaining employees.

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  • 2 Modules
  • 29 Videos
  • 2 Case Studies
  • 2:30 hours duration


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What’s included in the course:

Part one: Preparing for the initial conversations

  • Preparing for successful conversations
  • The efficient conversation
  • How to set up for a conversation
  • The rationale behind these changes
  • Top tips
  • Preparing for questions
  • Scheduling the exit conversation
  • Preparing the environment
  • Additional support
  • Case study: Onsite support
  • Hudson's career transition program

Part two: Refocus on the future

This segment is broken down into 4 parts

  • Psychological safety: what is it and how do we create it?
  • Supporting through change
  • Rebuilding engagement
  • Rebuilding your EVP

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Your organisation’s success depends on your managers’ ability to lead your people through change.

Make sure you equip your leaders with the knowledge to tackle challenges big and small.

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