Graduate recruitment

Evaluate large volumes of graduates quickly and accurately to find your next generation of talent

When recruiting for graduates, there are two questions organisations must first ask:

  1. Which graduates are the best fit for us?
  2. Who has the most potential to develop and grow?

Answer these successfully and you have the criteria to attract the right graduate talent that has the potential for long-term success.

Our graduate solutions focus on these questions, helping organisations like yours source, screen and select candidates with high potential and the capacity to become future leaders.

Graduate recruitment

Customised graduate recruitment centres

With a deep understanding of behavioural assessment and volume recruitment, we apply that expertise to help you attract, assess and retain the most suitable candidates.

To find your future leaders, we use assessment centres tailored to what you’re searching for. With a range of activities and exercises designed to gain insights and an evaluation of the candidate, your recruitment process is streamlined and “best-of-the-best” applicants rapidly identified.


Video interviews

See how your candidates perform at interview in a time effective and candidate friendly way


Psychometric assessments

Measure the potential of your graduate candidates



Evaluate critical thinking, rapport building and other abilities


In building your graduate recruitment process with us, you’ll be able to choose from a fully designed, end-to-end experience or specific services that streamline how you conduct your hiring. You also get a single point of contact that gives applicants a consistent experience with your organisation.

A proven record of expert recruitment

As a trusted graduate recruitment partner, we help many organisations like yours unearth the best graduate talent available.



organisations trust us to support their volume recruitment



candidates placed into roles each year



applications screened


10 weeks

is the average time participants take to fill roles



of applicants are happy with their experience in the selection process



of clients rate us 8+ on the NetPromoter survey